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dePlaya | Code of Conduct

dePlaya strives to create a friendly and peaceful community. This requires the cooperation of all participants. The rules apply to all users of dePlaya's games, services, and products and regulate communication with other community members. Although specific examples are provided, the rules are not limited to them.

Adhering to the rules is important, as violations can lead to serious measures, including a lifetime ban.

The rules include:

  • Personal Information: It is forbidden to disclose users' personal data, except for displayed names. Threats of disclosing information about other players, real names, or locations are unacceptable.
  • Intolerance and Discrimination: dePlaya condemns hatred and discrimination. Respect differences, including race, ethnicity, religious beliefs, gender identity, sexual orientation, and abilities.
  • Bullying and Insults: Respect others in communication, gaming, and creativity. Threats, intimidation, humiliation, and other forms of disrespectful behavior are prohibited.
  • Impersonation: Do not impersonate other users, celebrities, authorities, or dePlaya employees.
  • Fraud and Violations: Play fairly, do not break the rules. Using cheats, spreading vulnerabilities, or exploiting game errors is forbidden.
  • Dangerous and Illegal Actions: Do not engage in illegal activities, do not distribute content that glorifies violence or incites it. Threats of harm to oneself or others are taken seriously.
  • Inappropriate Content: Aim for positive content, following dePlaya's content requirements.
  • Safety: Protect your personal data and account. Use the available security measures provided by dePlaya.
  • Reporting Players: If you encounter rule violators or hostility, use the in-game complaint function or block the user.

These rules are not final and may be updated. The responsibility for adhering to them lies with each community member.


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